Louis Kapeleris is a native of Southern California's urban Orange County. Early on, he developed a love of science, mathematics, and patterns in nature. Shortly after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, an opportunity to work at an Internet startup brought him to the New Hampshire seacoast. After years of being bi-coastal, Louis has once again settled in Orange County, but is always keeping an open mind about other possibilities.

Although Louis had taken thousands of snapshots over many years, it was not until the early 2000s that he started taking his photography to a more mindful level. Initially, he was drawn to capturing the beauty of nature and traveled from the desert of Death Valley to black-sand beaches of Iceland to capture the most evocative images.

Recently, however, Louis has started combining his love of photography with his concern for social issues. He completed his first foray into documentary photography with a trip to Guatemala to document the midwife of a remote Mayan village. Since then, he has also traveled to Mexico to photograph the children of the El Faro Orphanage, and to Croatia to attend a conflict photography workshop to attain experience working in conflict zones.

When not sitting behind a computer or photographing, Louis loves rock climbing, hiking, baking bread, and traveling far off the beaten path.